Fresh Milk - delivered daily to independent Cafés and Tea Rooms

We have been working with local dairies since 1995 to create, offering fresh milk at competitive prices to the 1,000's of independent Cafés, Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms across the UK

The key ingredient for any successful cafe, coffee shop or tea room is a regular supply of fresh milk at competitive prices. We are happy to offer both with the added benefit of a dedicated customer service team ready to assist with any queries or issues.


Join and enjoy great service, improved prices and see your profits grow.


It is a false economy to waste time everyday buying from your local cash & carry or supermarket; let cafe-milk deliver direct to your door, allowing you precious time with your customers

Supporting independent coffee shops and Cafés

It is likely we already work with your existing dairy and the only change will be invoices through cafe-milk at improved prices and you make all your payments through us.


Clear weekly invoices will allow you to track purchases and with extended credit, you will enjoy better payment terms as well as improved profit. 

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - delivered to your door

We work with over 90 local fruit & vegetable suppliers around the country to offer our cafe customers locally supplied produce direct to your door. Reduce food miles and support local businesses and the communities they serve.

Have your fresh fruit & vegetables delivered by a local supplier while enjoying the convenience of a single payment covering your milk and F&V.

Please complete the enquiry form, call us on 0330 0948788 or email

Café-milk work with Booker Cash & Carry to cover all your catering and cleaning requirements

As well as a good supply of fresh milk, all cafés require a reliable supplier for the everyday grocery products like bacon, eggs, cheese, tuna, baked beans etc, etc. We have an agreement that allows our customers to purchase from Booker through their café-milk account. Order Online to save time and have your orders delivered to your cafe, free delivery for orders over £100. This means reduced admin, improved payment terms and no need for additional Booker credit checks.

Booker offer a fantastic range of grocery products but also supply a comprehensive range of cleaning and sanitary products and special offers to help increase your margin.

No need to waste valuable time going to the Cash & Carry, have the products you require delivered, allowing you more time to spend with your customers.  

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Supporting Independent Cafés and Coffee Shops

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